SWC Water Use Efficiency Plan


Please take a few minutes to think about this check list, talk about it with your family members, consider your water use and how you might be able to conserve. This saves both water and your water dollars.

Inside Your HomeWaterSavings

•             Run full loads of laundry and dishes.

•             Turn off the water when brushing teeth and shaving.

•             Turn off the water when washing dishes except for rinsing.

•             Try to keep showers brief.

•             Check for leaks and fix faucet/toilet leaks as soon as possible.

•             Do not use the toilet as a flushing trash can.

•             Install flow restrictors or low flow fixtures throughout the house.

•             Insulate your hot water pipes.

•             Check water meter monthly when all water is off for unseen leaks.


Outside Your Home  waterdrop (1)

(Consider letting your lawn go dormant in summer, it will come back in the fall.)

•             Check and repair leaking hose bids.

•             Only water on even or odd days based on our house number.

•             Hand water shrubs and special planted landscaped areas

•             Consider installing a drip irrigation system.

•             Landscape with rockeries and native drought resistant plants.

•             Make sure that when watering, you don’t water the walks or road.

•             Only water the lawn with one inch of water per week.

•             Turn off any sprinkler system when it rains.

•             Water the lawn for less than an hour only between 8 PM-8 AM, not during the heat                    of the day (best for the lawn is in the early morning hours.)

•             Fertilize the lawn to help keep it green.

•             Raise the mowing height when the weather gets warmer and drier.

•             Turn the water off after the children have played in the sprinkler.

•             Use an automatic shut off nozzle when washing cars, or a car wash that recycles                        water.

•             Use a broom to clean walkways and driveways, not a hose.